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Our partners

By working closely with trusted Business Partners in local and global markets, we gain wholesale volume when it comes to product distribution.

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Through constant engagement and communication with our network of Business Partners, we ensure the products we provide always meet the real needs of the people who use them. Our Corporate Centre supports our Country and Corporate plans and consists of functions such as Business Change, Finance, I.T., People and Product and Marketing.


We have helped top financial services brands across the world in creating revenue streams and providing value to their customers. We also offer a range of support services to our Partners.

How we work

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Product and marketing

We invest in insight to help us develop relevant services that evolve in an ever-changing market. We will deliver this through a combination of in-house product development and strategic partnerships with the first of these being the acquisition of Blink. This will be supported by acquisition and in-life communications which fit seamlessly with your brand.

Customer service and engagement

We offer 24/7 telephony support and assistance to customers across the globe to help them access and use our products at the moment of need. We are also investing in innovative solutions to provide multi-channel support to our partners’ customers – enabling the consumer to interact in their preferred way.


We continue to invest in technology. To complement our highly resilient, PCI and ISO compliant services provided by our IT hub, we have recently acquired Blink. This provides us with proprietary software solutions which enable us to deliver a flexible and bespoke range of propositions to our Business Partners based on their business needs.