Why an app is never an excuse to slack on customer service

We’ve talked a lot about apps recently, and for good reason.


Over the last decade, tech offerings have transformed the landscape of every business sector from accountancy to zoology. Apps can be marketing tools, reward schemes, loyalty generators, and lines of communication all rolled into one. As tech continues to be a dominant force in the world of business, it is tempting to turn focus entirely towards it, and try to reap in all the benefits that it promises.

This shouldn’t be the case, however. Modernity is all well and good, but there are certain fundamentals that have always made businesses stand out, and tech solutions aren’t a reason to leave these behind. We’ve talked about using apps to ensure customer loyalty, but we believe an app should form one part of a comprehensive customer engagement strategy, and an aspect of a general positive customer experience. If a business neglects robust customer service, relying entirely on an app to create loyalty, then they shouldn’t be surprised if their customers start to trickle away.

Research of 15,000 customers found that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, and 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. Conversely, 73% of customers say they ‘fall in love with and remain loyal’ to a brand because of friendly customer service representatives.[1]

Not only that, but there is a big impact on the bottom line too; customers are much more willing to part with their money if a company has delivered, with a staggering 86% of buyers willing to pay more for a great customer experience.[2]

A well-designed app can do wonders for engendering loyalty with customers, but businesses need to make sure this loyalty is rewarded when the customer is in need. If a customer feels as though they have a good connection with a brand, only for the brand to let them down in a time of need, then this may be even more destructive to reputation than poor customer service on its own. Businesses should use their tech offerings as a foundation from which to build a great customer experience, with responsive service and strong communication. Any business that misses the forest for the tech offerings is one that quickly needs to re-examine its priorities, and make sure that their customer feels valued every time they interact with them.

CPP Group UK has always worked hard to combine the highest quality added-value products with top-tier customer service, developing close relationships with our partners and being there whenever a customer needs us.

It’s the reason why, on our SmartKey app, customers can access a nationwide locksmith service with one press of a button; it’s the reason why, with the insured SmartKey product, we cover the cost of any required onward travel or overnight stays. Our app is just one part of the customer experience we offer with SmartKey, and one way through which our partners can improve their own customer service and experience.

To see how CPP Group UK can transform your customer experiences, click here or give sales manager Perry McShane a call on 07736908763.

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