Jacki Mosey – meet the faces behind CPP Group UK

Meet Jacki Mosey our lead implementation manager

In this latest series, we’re getting to know the faces behind the CPP Group UK team and how life has changed for them since working from home.

Jacki, one of our latest recruits, joined the team as Lead Implementation Manager in March.

Jacki has spent many years working in the insurance industry, working with some large blue chip companies, managing acquisitions and implementing high profile clients. Jacki now oversees the implementation of new operating systems and managing projects throughout the business.

Let’s see what Jacki has been up to since working from home..

1. What would a normal day in the office look like for you?

I’m getting up later than I used to, at around 8am. I walk to the kitchen to start work, break for lunch (sometimes!) and either walk the dog, or sit outside and read. Then I’m back to work for the afternoon. I try to shut down around 5/530 to make tea for the family.

2. Where have you set up as your working from home space?

On my dining table in the kitchen as my other half has taken up his lodgings on the breakfast bar.

3. What do you wear to work from home – have you been tempted to stay in your PJs?

Erm – I think it’s become common knowledge that I am in my dressing gown most days until around lunchtime – then I get dressed. I have also been fashioning a baseball cap on the odd call!

4. Do you have background noise on whilst you work? If so, what do you like to listen to?

No, weirdly I don’t listen to anything. I’m quite happy to sit and work without and to be honest I am on the phone quite a lot!

5. What have you been watching and reading to get you through quarantine?

Well, I always read. Recently I’ve just finished about 6 books from the “Shade of Vampire’” series – the one I’ve just finished is book 87!  I’ve read the Dark Light book of 6, and now I’m starting book 17 from the Harley Merlin series. They are all vampire/ghoul/spooky books by Bella Forrest. You did ask!

TV-wise, blimey –  we have watched The Nest, lots of movies, Our Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Homeland… Basically anything American, and the odd few English series.

6. Do you have a favourite working-from-home snack or meal?

Not really, I have managed to keep myself to eating a small breakfast and lunch, and then a main meal with the family at tea time.

7. Have you taken up any new hobbies or habits whilst at home?

More sleeping! Also, definitely more walking than I used to do.

8. What are you finding the hardest about isolating?

Not being able to ‘see’ my friends in the flesh, or some of the family. Not being able to jump in the car and just do random things. I’m missing celebrating birthdays with all my family and friends who have had a birthday during the lockdown, my daughter included.

9. Do you have any tips for other people working from home?

To be honest this is a little hard, as although I have worked from home before on an ad-hoc basis, doing it every day, day in and day out, is completely different. It can be hard on some days. I think on those days you have to just keep saying “I am ok, I can do this, I am well, and I am keeping safe with my loved ones”. Just keep telling yourself that this is the safest thing we can do right now. We are also very lucky that we can work from home and still receive a salary, when a lot of people can’t and are not getting any income.

10. What’s the first thing you will do when things return to “normal”?

Hmm. This is another hard one as I think ‘normal’ will be a long time coming if I am honest. Looking on the positive side, I think it will be a get together with some of my closest friends at their gin bar in their garden, enjoying spending time with them eating and drinking. Then I think I would like to go to a beach somewhere and spend some time by the sea taking in some fresh air and enjoying life.

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