KYND Start now available for brokers to tackle SME cyber-crime

CPP Group UK has launched a new initiative to enable brokers to win new opportunities and help educate and protect clients against cyber-crime.

KYND Start gives brokers access to an industry-leading cyber risk assessment, powered by KYND, to instantly identify the current cyber risks facing potential and existing clients.


From just the client’s website domain (their www address) the real-time scan identifies a range of important cyber risks faced by the organisation, creating a personalised traffic light style report detailing the threats. The report has been designed with brokers and clients in mind, simplifying any complex technical language. Armed with their personal KYND Start report, brokers can help clients understand the risks facing them and better articulate the need for cyber insurance.

Over 90% of the KYND reports conducted by CPP* to date have flagged at least one ‘red alert’ risk to the organisation, with the most common risks being none/out of date website certificates. This risk management service provides organisations with new valuable data on their own level of risk, and enables brokers to work with them to reduce the risk using the KYND tools and a cyber insurance policy.

Cyber attacks remain one of the biggest threats to organisations and the threat is on the rise, with security firm Barracuda reporting a 667% increase in phishing attacks in the months of January to March this year.

Despite the huge threat, almost 40% of brokers have still never sold a cyber insurance policy. The two biggest barriers to sales are a lack of training for brokers (which we can offer) and understanding amongst clients, as only 10% of the UK’s SMEs have cyber protection in place.

To tackle some of the barriers to entry and to help identify where cyber risks may be hiding, CPP is offering KYND Start, which will give brokers tailored insights into the cyber security threats facing their current and potential clients.

Some of the key benefits of accessing a KYND Start report include:

1. A KYND Start report to instantly identify and understand the cyber risks facing potential clients.

Support to ensure brokers have all the contextual cyber information around their clients to address their needs efficiently.

2. The report scans a website domain and highlights all the cyber risk exposures in a simple to understand traffic light system report.

5. A consultation with our sales team to look at the results of the KYND Start analysis and guide them in reducing the cyber risks identified.

3. The report also shows a comparison of your client’s risk exposure compared to others in their market.

A broker support portal – a one-stop destination for brokers, providing instant access to the resources they need to engage their clients effectively

As specialists in the cyber security market, CPP is able to offer the KYND Start report and also offers a comprehensive cyber insurance policy, currently available on the Acturis platform. We provide brokers with an extensive solution to support SME clients in protecting themselves against cyber-crime.

CPP’s next webinar gives brokers the opportunity to learn more about cyber security, alongside our other great InsurTech initiatives to help clients tackle the ongoing battle against cyber-attacks. 


*Calculated from KYND reports conducted from June 2019 – May 2020

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