Take control of your data

This latest, in–depth feature for Business Cloud magazine’s report, “Take control of your data”, follows Perry McShane, Sales Manager of CPP Group UK, as he discusses the importance of data protection in the business world.

In this article, Perry debunks the “not me” mentality, arguing that businesses, especially UK SMEs, are by no means exempt from cyber attacks, online identify theft, or data breaches.

Attitudinal change is imperative if the UK is to keep up with the US market, as most US citizens have taken out personal cyber insurance. In the UK, Perry explains, “we’re happy to have appropriate buildings insurance”, but “we don’t think about cyber protection”.

Laxity around cyber-security presents a real danger to companies, Perry emphasises, which is why preventative and protective cyber insurance, such as CPP Group UK’s Owl Detect and KYND, are so essential.

Read the full interview with Perry here, p.59:

The CPP Group UK team are now all working from home, but we are still supporting our colleagues and partners, as always. We’re also happy to offer advice on the risks and how to mitigate them – if you’d like to speak to one of our cyber security experts, feel free to comment below and drop us a line at sayhello@cpp.co.uk.

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