We’re all familiar with the damage that cyber-attacks can cause to businesses

The cyber threat isnt going away any time soon…

Can cyber insurance cause a threat to brokers?

Were all familiar with the damage that cyber-attacks can cause to businesses, particularly small businesses that might have unsophisticated IT systems, or a limited financial cushion to sustain heavy hits. But what about the threat posed to brokers? If cyber is a growing risk that requires organisations to seek protection, by extension, if brokers arent offering that protection, they risk losing out on custom. Put simply, cyber insurance will have a direct impact on brokers bottom line.

The cyber threat isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it’s set to become more severe, as methods of attack become ever more advanced. Yet still, nearly 40% of brokers have never sold a cyber insurance policy. If that doesn’t change, the remaining 60% will slowly push them out of the market entirely.

CPP can help stop that from happening. We are running a series of events across the UK designed to help brokers get to grips with advising on, and selling, cyber insurance policies. Our aim is to make sure no broker is unarmed in the battle against cyber. To find out more about locations/dates for our roadshow and to confirm your place, click here.

Were giving brokers an opportunity to get face to face with the CPP team and hear about some of the great InsurTech initiatives that are available for your clients which aim to build up our defence in the ongoing battle against cyber-attacks.

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