Bridging the Gap: Where Motor Manufacturers Have Room to Innovate

There are few things more exciting than driving a new car off the forecourt. The interior is unspoiled, the engine roars magnificently, and the car is rich with that much-sought-after new car smell.

However, the moment the engine starts, the hard work begins: not just for the manufacturer, but the dealer or re-seller too. As the car is driven off the lot, how can a strong relationship be maintained with the person behind the wheel? For many, there is a missed opportunity in this intervening period, to build a strong relationship with the driver, engendering loyalty and manifesting greater brand awareness.

Itís an area where there is ample room to innovate, and give manufacturers a direct connection to the customers driving their cars. After all, a loyal customer will always be worth more than one that makes a single purchase and is never seen again. Itís an area that holds major potential benefits for dealers and manufacturers alike.

Our LASU SmartKey

To innovate, thereís no better option than turning to tech solutions. An app is the ideal way to connect better with customers and earn their loyalty; itís the perfect value-add on top of the vehicle itself. †

With the development of an app that provides a genuine service, a manufacturer can promote a consistent brand message, and market themselves effortlessly. It is an opportunity to make the customer brand ambassadors, grateful of the extra capability that the branded product provides. If an app is indispensable, convenient and rewarding, then it might just be enough to get a customer back into the showroom in future. Itís something that can be promoted through franchised dealers as well, creating a closer and mutually beneficial relationship between all three parties.

This is why we consider our SmartKey product suite so valuable, a Bluetooth device that can be attached to car keys to help customers find them via a last known location map accessed through an app. †Our app can be white-labelled, and integrates seamlessly with offerings from our partners, and provides a solution to a problem every bit as common as it is frustrating. It is a way to give an app that extra bit of utility and convenience, adding further value to manufacturerís value-add. It means our partners can be there for their customers in a time of real need, putting their minds at ease, and making customers glad to have us in their corner.

It isnít just an option for manufacturers and franchised dealerships, either. The appís versatility, both as a standalone and as a feature of a larger app delivered by a SDK, makes it ideal for assistance providers and insurance brokers too. Itís also attractive option as an added-value service for individual dealers, offered without the white label and fulfilled through one of our brands LASU. This is particularly relevant now; with an FCA investigation published earlier this year concluding that current commission arrangements are costing consumers an extra £300 million annually, and promising FCA intervention in the motor financing market, business models for dealers will likely soon have to change. Instead of looking to generate revenue through financing, dealers could look towards building strong customer loyalty and repeat custom through added value Ė services like SmartKey are an ideal avenue into a new business paradigm.[1]

SmartKey can be effortlessly scaled up or down to fit within the scope of any business. Whether your business is big or small, a start-up, a scale-up, or unicorn, SmartKey offers genuine value for your customers when they need it most.

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