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Carl Carter

CPP Secure – CEO


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I’m Carl, the CEO at CPP Secure (and I’m also Chief Commercial Officer for Blink Parametric, our CPP Group sister InsurTech company) – thanks for visiting my page.

Here at CPP Secure we work in support of Blink Parametric and a wide range of brands, business partners, financial institutions, insurance brokers and affinity groups. We support in delivering the insurance capacity when required to sit behind Blink Parametric’s range of insured parametric products as such Blink Flight Delay, Blink Luggage Delay and Blink Cyber. These parametric insurance products can be provided as fully insured embedded solutions, tiered benefit solutions or optional add-ons to your existing product range, customer journey or membership benefits.

All our Partners have the common goal that they want to work with a company such as CPP Secure that can be relied on to deliver trusted and innovative insurance solutions that enable the payment of real-time assistance, resolutions and benefits in a customer’s time of need. We help customers and members deal with the everyday disruptions of life before they turn into a disaster.

All of our insured parametric solutions can help provide innovative differentiation, increased revenue, improved customer acquisition and customer retention. They can also be used to provide valuable ancillary revenue.

The team here are always looking for potential partnerships, whether you’re a brand partner wanting to expand your offering by partnering with a trusted parametric insurance provider, or a financial institution or affinity group looking to improve customer acquisition or retention, CPP Secure is able to work with you to formulate well-rounded insured parametric propositions founded on the demands of your customers and wider marketplace.

If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch I will be delighted to talk through what we can offer in more detail.

CPP – Creating Profitable Partnerships – it’s what we do.

We look forward to hearing from you…