Carl Carter responds to latest Which? Travel Report with ITIJ

Carl Carter shares his insights with ITIJ:

“Pandemic has given the travel insurance industry the opportunity to reinvent itself”

Carl Carter - CEO CPP UK


“The pandemic has given the travel insurance industry the opportunity to reinvent itself, improve customer experience and start to rebuild customer trust and experience.”

So says CPP UK’s CEO Carl Carter, who was recently invited to comment on this subject in the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal.

Carl was invited by ITIJ, as a leading authority in the global travel insurance industry and subject matter expert, to share his insights on the latest Which? consumer report. Analysing how Covid-19 has disrupted travel insurance policies.

Over the last year or so, the market has made significant progress from the early stages of the pandemic when underwriters were ceasing sales and products and wordings seemed to change daily in response to patchy emerging information on the situation.

Carl explains that the priority remains for the travel insurance industry to deliver a sustainable solution for the traveller in terms of cover, pricing and risk.

CPP is at the forefront of working with leading global travel insurers to deliver this differentiation through the use of parametric and automated service technology following our acquisition of Blink.

Click here to read Carl’s full contribution on page 12 and 13 of August’s ITIJ magazine.

Carl Carter - CEO CPP UK
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