CPP Group joins forced with German insurer to combat online identity theft

Technology will be rolled out to protect insurance customers from cyber-crime on the dark web.

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CPP Group is a global product and services company specialising in the financial services and insurance markets. Its data monitoring tool, OwlDetect, continuously scans the web including the dark web and illegal websites – for consumer and business data that may be for sale or in use by cyber criminals.

Users are digitally alerted if data is found to be compromised, and are provided with an action plan to minimise risks and resolve any sources where a data breach could occur.

SV will offer the InsurTech solution as a membership benefit for new customers with the scope to expand to existing customers, improving their service proposition in the coming months. It is one of the primary insurance groups of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, one of the largest financial services groups in Europe.

The partnership with SV forms part of CPP Group’s global growth strategy and sees it expand its network of international partners, which already includes the State Bank of India, the Bank of Communications in China, and Denizbank in Turkey. Worldwide, CPP Group has over ten million customers.

Jason Walsh, CEO at CPP Group Plc, said:

With cyber hackers attacking computers every 39 seconds[i], coupled with the increased use of connected devices and information hosted online, we are all increasingly at risk of becoming victims of cyber-crime. Cyber prevention is better than cure, and the ability to detect if data has been compromised and take action to manage any risk can give consumers and businesses peace of mind when it comes to data protection.

Incorporating OwlDetect into its service is a really innovative way for SV to enhance its ability to protect its customers, by giving them the means to safeguard their own data. We?re delighted to welcome them into our existing network of international partners and look forward to embarking on what we hope will be a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Jason Walsh CEO at CPP Group Plc

Jorg Friederich, Head of Department at SparkassenVersicherung, commented:

We are continuously looking for ways to add value to the products and services we offer our customers. This cyber protection add-on from CPP Group is an innovative technology solution. OwlDetect solves a very real, modern day problem for customers and fits with our mission to constantly strive to improve the customer experience.

SV will work with CPP Group to deploy the tech from CPP’s UK operations base, with local international support for customer servicing

For more information or to find out how OwlDetect can be embedded into your service offering, contact the team directly on sayhello@cpp.co.uk.

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