CPP Group launches Lasu, your wallet’s early warning system

CPP Group launches Lasu, your wallet’s early warning system

CPPGroup Plc, the innovative product marketing business, today announces the launch of Lasu, your wallet’s early warning system.

CPP Group product image - Lasu

Lasu combines the thinnest Bluetooth tracker on the market with CPP Group’s card blocking and replacement service, to help consumers prevent the loss of a wallet whilst giving them control to cancel their cards immediately.


The Lasu tracker card is the same size and shape as an average credit card so it fits neatly into a user’s wallet and syncs with a smartphone app on their mobile phone to ensure constant monitoring. Users are able to create ‘safe zones’; where they will not receive an alert if they are within a set radius and become separated from their wallet, such as at home or work.

If a user is unable to locate their wallet and cards, they can immediately cancel them via the app or online in just a few clicks. In turn, CPP will contact multiple card providers on behalf of the customer to arrange cancellation and replacement.


A one off purchase provides the Bluetooth tracker card and access to the service for 12 months.


The product has been designed and developed for launch and rollout across CPP’s international markets, following a beta launch in the UK.


Commenting on the launch, Sid Mouncey Group Product and Marketing Director at CPP Group plc, said: “In our ever more mobile lives, we expect to do everything and anything on the go. That means carrying our worlds with us as we move. Our research found that the prospect of losing a card or wallet is common place and consumers want to reduce the time taken to realise that their wallet is lost to prevent hassle and potential misuse.


“We’re really excited by the launch of Lasu. For over 30 years we have brought peace of mind to millions of customers across the world in the event of card loss. Lasu provides greater control to prevent lost cards in the first place but also provides immediate resolution if those cards are lost or stolen. We have the experience, the scale and the passion to provide this service and to make sure that the things that matter in people’s mobile lives – such as their wallets – are always with them, wherever they go, whatever they do.”


Learn more about Lasu.

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