CPP joins forces with Partners& to tackle cybercrime

CPP Group UK has teamed up with insurance broker Partners& to help businesses better identify and mitigate the cyber vulnerabilities that they face.

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The deal will see the Partners& brokers gain access to the risk management tool KYND – an industry-leading cyber risk assessment that instantly identifies an organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities. 

Cybercrime is escalating: in November the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre reported a 10% rise in all incidents in its annual report, reaching the highest level since the Government organisation was formed in 2016.


KYND provides cyber risk management for businesses of all sizes. It uses a website domain to perform a real-time scan providing expert insight into a business’ cyber exposure. If part of the business is vulnerable, the KYND traffic light system dashboard can help advise the business on the actions needed to stop potential cyber risks from developing into a real attack. The reports simplify any complex technical language and are used by both brokers and clients as a risk management tool.


The KYND reports will be used by Partners& brokers for a range of purposes including as a sales tool to enable current and potential clients to better understand the need for cyber insurance and to help clients future-proof their business against a growing cyber threat. Partners& will take a sector lead approach to highlight the specific cyber risks in a number of sectors including the construction, property, marine and retail sectors.

Michael Whitfield, Managing Director of CPP Group UK said,

“Cyber risk management tools such as KYND arm brokers with real-time insight into cyber vulnerabilities. As trusted advisers, brokers are in the best position to help businesses understand how to prevent and mitigate against the risk.

Partners& impressed us with their dedication to actively seeking technology that best enables their brokers to deliver proper value to customers. By combining our expertise and technology, together we can help identify, mitigate and protect organisations against the growing threat of cybercrime.”

The programme will be rolled out via cyber product champions across the Partners& network of UK offices who will provide training and access to the KYND platform for brokers.

Michael Whitfield, CPP Group UK MD

Matthew Clark, Partner – Business Development, Science and Technology at Partners& said,

“As a next generation insurance advisory business, we’re always looking to work with cutting-edge software and applications in the market. Our partnership with CPP Group UK epitomises this and demonstrates our dedication to protecting our clients against the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks”.

For more information or to find out how our propositions can be embedded into your service offering, contact the team directly on sayhello@cpp.co.uk.
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