CPP Group UK announce partnership deal with sports club cyber specialist – DeCyber

CPP Group UK announce partnership deal with sports club cyber specialist – DeCyber


CPP Group UK, the leading international product innovation business, has partnered with cyber security specialists, DeCyber, to launch a suite of products set to transform how sports clubs and sports businesses manage their online security.

58% of malware attack victims are reportedly on small businesses or organisations*, with the estimated cost of these cyber-crimes amounting to £800 million per year in the UK alone**. Organisations that fall victim to cyber-attacks risk losing members and customers as well as damaging their brand reputation. With GDPR regulations now in force, they can also face substantial financial penalties if they suffer a data breach.

CPP Group has partnered with DeCyber, strategically backed by The Risk Transfer Group to offer a collection of products – OwlDetect, KYND and Wardwiz – to help sports organisations and leisure businesses detect and manage the risks arising from potential cyber-attacks. These solutions are provided in conjunction with leading cyber insurance cover through Lloyd’s of London and cyber risk awareness training through CybSafe.

Michael Whitfield, managing director of UK New Business at CPP, commented: “Small organisations and businesses represent very easy targets for cyber hackers and distributers of malware. Creating awareness of the damage that cyber-attacks can cause is the first objective and we’re delighted to be partnering with the DeCyber team in presenting a set of tools that can help to achieve this in a very straightforward and approachable way. The fact that these tools can then help to prevent the consequences of any breach is of huge value.”

Jonathan Lane, managing director of DeCyber, commented: “The statistics out there about the risks that sports clubs are facing are pretty frightening, especially when you consider there are multiple ways that they can be targeted and that all these organisations will hold member or customer data. DeCyber’s easy to use platform and proprietary “healthcheck” process ensures that clubs and associations can have simple, easy and cost effective access to the latest Cyber protection solutions.

“The products that we’ve developed with CPP and other partners will provide a quick, straightforward and affordable way in which these organisations can provide themselves with very significant levels of protection.”

The launch with DeCyber marks the return of CPP Group Plc to the UK market and is one of many of a number of tech related products that will be launched in the coming months.

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