How can CPP support businesses in the event of Cyber attack?

How can CPP support businesses in the event of Cyber attack?

The latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey conducted by the UK Government shows that, in the past 12 months, 4 in 10 UK businesses have suffered a cyber security incident – 83% of which were phishing attacks.

Yet, the research also demonstrates that cyber insurance take-up isn’t keeping pace with the rising risk level – only 6% of all firms and 4% of micro-firms have a dedicated cyber insurance policy in place.

The widescale adoption of remote work during the pandemic has certainly played a part in the increasing threat of cyber attacks, but with this “new” way of working seemingly here to stay, businesses must take the necessary precautions to manage the cyber risk going forward.

SMEs face unique challenges when administering cybersecurity measures due to their size and availability of resources. The financial repercussions of an attack can be severe both in the short and long term – and in the worst cases, can force an SME to go bust.

CPP Group UK recognises that this cohort would greatly benefit from the expert support that comes with the provision of cyber insurance and services – as they navigate this fast-changing, risk environment.  

Our data monitoring tool OwlDetect, for example, continuously scans the dark web to detect any compromised data items and recommends next steps that can help SMEs to protect themselves from a potentially costly data breach.

CPP Secure’s Cyber NOW policy, is another example of a solution on offer that can help business owners mitigate against cyber-attacks. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus (up to 30 licenses) and 300GB Cloud backup storage is included free of charge with each policy. Cyber solutions can be costly. We believe that small businesses deserve affordable cover without compromise.

With this policy also comes access to KYND. KYND’s pioneering technology and products provide cyber risk management for businesses of varying sizes.

CPP’s suite of cyber products and services can help SMEs to become more resilient by making lasting improvements to their cyber risk management.

The pandemic has shone a light on the growing threat of cyber incidents, and businesses – particularly SMEs – must look for proactive solutions to this ever-increasing problem.

CPP Secure’s Cyber NOW Policy can support your clients

Our cyber insurance is simple, quick to process and affordable for your SME clients.

The policy offers your clients end-to-support providing protection before an event happens with FREE Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus and access to KYND and Owl Detect to help identify business risks and highlight how to mitigate them, improving your clients’ overall security.

The policy also offers:

  • Protection from cyber-attack and any liabilities that arise due to a breach of privacy legislation
  • Protection against threat of Ransomware and Payment Card Industry fines and penalties
  • A public relations company to protect and mitigate against any reputational damage
  • A specialist IT forensic company to investigate what data has been compromised
  • Direct access to a 24/7/365 helpline in the event of an incident

We’ve made the quote process as easy as quoting for add-on products. If you’re quoting for commercial combined or package cover, you can incorporate cyber insurance into the same quote sequence, without having to complete a separate quotation form.


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