Appliance Warranty

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Appliance Warranties play an important role in protecting a home and protecting the owner financially when something goes wrong.

As soon as the manufacturer’s warranty runs out the  owner is potentially left unprotected should a valuable home appliance suddenly stop working.

An Appliance Warranty policy can cover many of those useful home necessities and is a beneficial add-on to many types of home insurance policies.

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This insurance will protect against the cost of repairs or the replacement of household appliances resulting from an unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown.

What is covered?

  • This insurance will help pay for the repair cost or the replacement cost incurred as a result of a breakdown on the appliance(s) detailed in the schedule.
  • All mechanical and electrical components of the appliance that were part of the manufacturer’s original specification are covered.
  • Multiple appliance(s) can be insured.

What is not covered?

  • Service elements, normally replaceable components.
  • Failure caused by wear and tear.
  • Any modifications not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Corrosion, blockages, denting, scratching or cosmetic damage.
  • Please see IPID for full exclusions.

Why offer ancillary insurance?


Ancillary insurance products from CPP Secure have been designed to complement and be distributed alongside other products. But as an insurance broker, why should you consider these? The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) is focused on customers being better informed and firms providing products that meet their needs. It is all driven by providing customer value and we believe that’s what ancillary products can do.

Many people who buy expensive items need that additional peace of mind and financial security and as an insurance broker, you are ideally positioned to offer ancillary benefits to meet customers’ needs.

Peace of mind

Financial protection

Value add

Ancillary revenue

Policy administration & claims handling

Cover type

Customer selects cover type and benefit

Premium cycle

All premiums are offered on a 12 month policy cycle


Policy sold through clients infrastructure or an ecommerce website

Policy fulfilment

Policies are fulfilled by the broker system, and bordereaux are submitted as pre-agreed

Claims handling

A full claims handling facility is provided for all our products and services.

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For a comprehensive list of all that is included or excluded in our policy, please contact us using the details above.

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