Insurance and Service Capabilities

We’d love to talk to you about managing your customers’ claims. We provide a very high standard of service around the clock from our well-staffed, well-equipped UK call centre – taking real care of your customers as well as your own business needs.

In 2020, we serviced 800,000 customers, fielding 92,000 calls. As we continue to attract more and more big-name clients, we’re growing: our claims-handling team has since grown by 30%.

Our call centre and claims-handlers

Our UK-based call-centre is available 24/7, every single day of the year. If necessary, should restrictions return, we can quickly and easily switch to handling claims remotely, so there’s no service disruption.

We have a dedicated team of around 30 claims-handlers, each with a huge amount of knowledge and experience across multiple product lines. We’re in an area where it’s easy for us to recruit good people to the team, as needed as demand increases.

Man waiting the flight with a mobile phone

We look after your customers

We’re continually working to add value to our customers by looking after theirs. That means responsive call handling, 24/7 access and streamlined claims processes.

We’re flexible enough to deal with claims made abroad, and can empower our team to pay certain claims during the first call. And we’re very caring and compassionate: we have years of experience dealing with elderly and vulnerable customers in distressing situations. That’s why, for example, we’ll stay on the phone with them until they feel comfortable again.

Customers like our claims-handling service

In a routine survey of customers whose claims we’d handled, they told us†:

Based on the experience today, how helpful and informative was your advisor?

Was your query or issue resolved on the call today?

We look after you

We can adapt our services according to what you need. We’ll be led by you: are you looking for stringent cost control, or to improve claims engagement as part of proving the value of your product? Either way, we offer tight process management, underwriting performance, auditable systems, helpful MI, good control over costs and potential fraud.

We’ll train our people so they know the products inside out and even deliver this service in your brand, so your customers get a seamless experience. As required, we can bring in technical specialists who understand the intricacies of the product (such as electronic car keys). We’ll also ensure you get all the metrics you need, whenever you need them, according to the KPIs you set.

Our claims-management-services in action

We started managing key insurance claims for the RAC in April 2020, as the UK entered its first national lockdown. Claim volumes exceeded forecast as many key workers were out on the road providing critical services during such unknown times. Despite the added complexities of home working we maintained our high level of service 24/7/365 and continued to do so throughout all three lockdowns.