Cyber Secure

Reducing cyber risk

The statistics out there on the cyber risks SME business face are staggering with almost daily reports of data breaches. Its the small to medium businesses that are most vulnerable to data loss, denial of service and the impacts of regulatory fines.

CPP Group UK is the provider of choice for cyber risk management and mitigation solutions, specialising in the needs of small businesses.

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What risks are out there?

Being hacked data is one of the most valuable assets a business can own. This is why its so valuable to hackers

Business interruption a cyber-attack can mean time and resources away from the SMEs core business

Losing revenue A cyber-attack can have a direct impact on revenue generation

Brand reputation damage A cyber-attack can do irreparable damage instantly that is hard to come back from

What are we doing about it?


Were offering a suite of risk mitigation tools designed to make businesses aware of the risks they face before they cause significant damage. Click on the sections below to find out more on the individual products; we can also create a package for your business. Get in touch with us using the details below.