Excess Protect Insurance

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What does excess mean?

An excess, is the amount a policyholder would have to pay upfront towards any claim that is made on an insurance policy.


Why do your clients need it?

Research* suggests that excesses are among the least-well understood elements of an insurance policy with only 1/3 of drivers said they check the excess level when purchasing a car insurance policy. Total excess on an average motor policy can cost anywhere between £300-£2,000, so an excess protection product can put this sizeable amount back into the policyholders pocket.

CPP Secure offers excess protection products for a variety of motor and property insurance policies to add-value and give your clients peace of mind and financial protection when they need it.

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 Paid UK motor claims in 2018 – £8.1 billion

Motor Excess Protect Products

Our range of Motor Excess Protection Products provide the motor vehicle registered keeper with reimbursement of their paid excess, following a fault claim on their main motor insurance policy. Policies are offered on an annual basis with an annual aggregate cover. Products include:


  • Private Motor Excess Protect
  • Private Motor (Plus) Excess Protect
  • Commercial Motor Excess Protect
  • Motorbike Excess Protect
  • Goods Carrying Vehicle
  • Couriers & Hauliers
  • Approved Driving Instructor
  • Taxi Car
  • Horsebox
Home Excess Protect Products

Home Excess Protect covers the combined voluntary and compulsory excess applying to a home insurance policy in the event of a valid claim, where the excess is exceeded and cannot be recovered from a third party. When something unfortunate happens in the home, home excess protection can help with the financial outset. Products include:


  • Landlords Excess Protect
  • Home Excess Protect
  • Residential Lettings

As an insurance broker, why should you offer ancillary insurance?


Ancillary insurance products allow you to provide flexible and tailored solutions to meet your client’s needs, and ensure they receive the best value from instructing your services. Being able to create bespoke packages that include ancillary insurance, will allow you to diversify your offering and help you set your services apart from those that are offering generic solutions.

Many of your customers who purchase expensive items will need to feel that peace of mind and financial security is being provided, and as an insurance broker, you are ideally positioned to meet those customers’ needs.

Ancillary insurance products from CPP Secure have been designed to complement and be distributed alongside other products – we are ready and waiting to help you add value to your services.

Peace of mind

Financial protection

Value add

Ancillary revenue

Policy administration & claims handling

Cover type

Customer selects cover type and benefit

Premium cycle

All premiums are offered on a 12 month policy cycle


Policy sold through clients infrastructure or an ecommerce website

Policy fulfilment

Policies are fulfilled by the broker system, and bordereaux are submitted as pre-agreed

Claims handling

A full claims handling facility is provided for all our products and services.

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2. https://www.claimsmag.co.uk/2018/03/abi-cost-motor-insurance-claims-rise/10499

For a comprehensive list of all that is included or excluded in our policy, please contact us using the details above.

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