Blink Flight Disruption

Flight delay? Your customers can relax, on us.

Blink is a flight disruption solution that provides real-time assistance to travellers in a time of need. In the event of a flight delay, for customers who have registered their flight, we provide access to an airport lounge or a cash alternative. The product fulfilment is done completely digitally and can be seamlessly integrated into any of our client’s products. Whatever your proposition, we’re here to add value.

Man waiting the flight with a mobile phone

How it works

Simply embed Blink within your product proposition:

An end-to-end white-labelled solution. Your customers will only see a great service delivered by your brand

When a flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, we’ll notify the primary contact passenger on the flight, and provide a code to give them (and anyone else covered under the policy) exclusive, immediate access to an airport lounge

There is no paperwork, claims process or excess. Just a helpful service in a time of real need

Our technology monitors flight schedules behind the scenes. Your customers will get a real-time notification in the event of a flight disruption

Should an airport lounge be unavailable, we’ll transfer cash into the primary contact passengers’ nominated account as an alternative

A seamless experience

A seamless experience

Include Flight Rescue in your core product.

Customer registers their flight details online.

Blink automatically monitors flight schedules.

If a flight is delayed by 2+ hours the customer receives a QR code giving them access to an airport lounge or a cash alternative.

Customer relaxes in a lounge until their flight is called.

Is it right for you?

Whatever your sector, whether you’re an insurer, a broker or a retailer, we will work and collaborate with you to differentiate your proposition in a competitive marketplace.

A white-labelled tech service offered as a high value incentive for your target audience

An effective marketing tool in promotion based activities

Your customers will receive a great brand experience

For use in a tiered proposition to cross-sell and up-sell

A claims service delivered at the time of real need

If you want to mean more to your customers, let’s talk.