KYND products have been developed with one aim in mind and that is to stop cyber risk from affecting a business, quickly and simply.

KYND’s pioneering technology and products provide cyber risk management for businesses of varying sizes and we have outlined some of the areas where we think it can really add-value. Take four simple steps and you’ll be amazed at how simple cyber risk prevention can be.

A simple process to assess risk

Enter the website domain

Wait for KYND to calculate the level of risk

See clearly and simply any cyber risks affecting the business

Find out how to fix them

This is how to stop cyber risks from affecting your business, quickly and simply

Assess – Our technology is constantly scanning to provide expert insight into your cyber risk exposure.

Understand – Using a simple traffic light system, the KYND dashboard highlights areas a business could have cyber risk exposure in red or amber. If you have the green light you’re secure!

Fix – If part of the business is vulnerable, KYND can help advise the business on the actions needed to stop potential cyber risks from turning into a real attack.

We have two KYND products to choose from whatever your client’s need:

KYND start

A one-time report

This is a one-off report that simply shows what the cyber risks are, at that moment in time and advise on how to fix them.


Continuous monitoring

This shows what the cyber risks are, at that moment in time but then continuously monitors cyber risks and alerts the business to new and potential risks as they arise.

Specialist versions of KYND are also available for consultants/advisers, and for large scale data checks.

To find out more, just give us a call.

Is it right for you?

KYND is such a simple risk mitigation tool; we believe limiting its use wouldn’t do it justice. We’ve identified some sectors below where we believe it would really add value. If you can’t see your sector below, give us a call, we love a bit of proposition development and we have the experts on hand to work with you.

Are you an insurance broker?

If you’re a broker, KYND can shine a spotlight on the need for cyber insurance and provide an invaluable tool when it comes to identifying risk management with your SME clients.

Are you an insurer?

If you’re an insurer, KYND can highlight the cyber risks and vulnerabilities of the businesses you are insuring so you can make better underwriting decisions.

Do you provide professional services?

If you are in the legal or professional services sector, you want to provide your clients with comprehensive guidance. KYND gives you a wider picture of your clients’ business so you can advise appropriately.

Are you engaged in cyber security?

Why aren’t you using it already? KYND exposes a full range of cyber vulnerabilities to help you deliver real results by reducing your clients’ risk. Results are quick, visible and accessible and a great way to demonstrate a range of cyber risks to non-experts. Used by, or on behalf of your clients, KYND can help you deliver real results encouraging your clients to become more engaged in their cyber security. KYND can also be used as a sales generation tool or to improve your sales pitches, or sold on a commission basis for additional income stream.