Your wallet’s early warning system


Lasu keeps you and your wallet together by letting you know if you accidentally leave it somewhere. An ultra-thin card links to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy. Once connected, it sits neatly in your wallet. Should you then forget your wallet, an alert is sent to your phone to let you know, so you can go back and pick it up. And that’s not all…

Man using mobile phone and payment card close up
CPP Group product image - Lasu app with notification

Alerts are sent direct to your phone


Your Lasu card links to your phone using Bluetooth. Once connected, it sits comfortably in your wallet. If you accidentally leave your wallet somewhere, it sends an alert and the last known location to your phone. Smart, eh?

Cancel cards in just a few clicks


If your wallet isn’t where you left it, you can ask Lasu to cancel the cards inside. To save you time, hassle and worry, we’ll call your providers for you to request they cancel and replace your cards.

CPP Group product image - Lasu app with payment methods

As thin as a credit card


Your Lasu card is the same size and shape as an average credit card. Its ultra-thin design means Lasu can fit neatly into any wallet.

CPP Group product image - Lasu