Lost Luggage Insurance & assistance

Offer your customers real-time support when their checked luggage cannot be located following an airport arrival.

Lost or delayed luggage is one of the biggest sources of stress for those travelling with checked bags. We’ve all been there, you arrive at your destination and get to the airport carousel and your luggage is nowhere to be seen.

This cutting-edge and award-winning product uses parametric technology to offer real-time support to airline passengers whose checked luggage cannot be located following an airport arrival. If the customer’s luggage cannot be located after 30 minutes they will receive a £50 payout, if it still cannot be located after 48 hours, they will receive a further £500 payout per registered passenger.

No complex claims process. No waiting around. Just a digital financial solution exactly at the point assistance is needed.

Man waiting the flight with a mobile phone

How it works

Customers have to register their flight details 24 hours before they travel. Then if their luggage does not arrive at the destination airport, customers have to notify the customer services or lost luggage desk and upload an image of their delayed luggage receipt onto a white-labelled portal. The clever tech will begin searching for the missing checked luggage straight away.

The parametric technology automates the entire process from the moment the traveller registers their luggage as missing at the customer services desk at the destination airport. The repatriation service of Smart Luggage keeps the customer informed via text message and email to help locate and return the luggage.

Is it right for your customers?

Don’t let delayed or lost bags ruin a holiday

  • Delayed luggage by 30 minutes  at the destination airport, receive £50 for each covered person
  • Lost luggage after 48 hours  at the destination, receive £500 for each covered person

Hassle-Free Claims Process

  • Your customer just needs to buy  the policy and register in advance
  • Quick and easy pay out by PayPal or straight to the customer’s bank account – whichever they prefer

Cover all travellers with one policy

  • Whether travelling alone or with the family,  everyone receives the same benefits
  • All checked luggage is covered. From suitcases to sports equipment – any delayed or lost item can be claimed.

What is covered?

  • £50 for checked luggage that is delayed by 30 minutes minimum and cannot be located on the carousel within the waiting period at the destination airport by the customer services desk or luggage handling desk on arrival at that airport.
  • £500 for checked luggage that is deemed lost and cannot be located by the customer services desk or luggage handling desk at the destination airport after 48 hours from the time it was registered as delayed or missing.
  • On a Single Trip policy, the policyholder and each covered person can claim for one item of checked luggage on each leg of a Trip ie; both outbound and inbound.
  • On an annual Multi Trip policy, the policyholder and each covered person on the policy can claim for one item of checked luggage on each leg of a trip.

What is not covered?

  • Carry-on or hand luggage of any type.
  • Any luggage not checked in to the hold of an aircraft.
  • Any damage to checked luggage.
  • Loss or delay due to confiscation or damage by any public authority.
  • Any loss or delay that does not occur between checking luggage in at an airport and collecting it from the luggage carousel at the destination airport.
  • Theft of checked luggage before check-in at the departure airport, from the luggage carousel or from an unattended trolley at the destination airport.
  • Loss of or delay to checked luggage caused by your own actions.
  • Please see IPID for full exclusions

Why should you offer Lost Luggage insurance?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering your customers digital assistance at exactly the point they need it.

Turnkey Solution

The tech is live and ready fast product deployment.

Reducing Claims Management costs

Claims processing time is fully automated and therefore significantly reduced. Payments are issued quickly and easily directly to your customer giving them a better service in a time of need.

Innovative Product Offering

Differentiate your offering in a fast-paced, busy global travel marketplace.

White Label Solution

100% white label solution and all features are configurable to your brand.

Fulfilment Options

Available as an annual multi-trip and singular policy and distributed as a standalone product, add-on or embedded insurance product.