The internet is amazing. Let’s keep it that way


OwlDetect is here to help you make the most of your time online. By constantly scanning illegal sites and the Dark Web, we check whether your personal details are at risk. If they are, we let you know and then help put things right.

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Detect: looking out for your details online


By scanning the internet and dark web 24/7, we monitor, detect and alert you if your details appear in the wrong place. If we find a match for any details you’ve registered with us – such as your email or credit card – you get an alert to notify you.

Protect: helping you stay safe online


OwlDetect also helps you prevent personal details being stolen

With tips from cyber security experts, you can stay safe online

Learn what to look out for and what to avoid for a safer web experience

CPP Group product image - OwlDetect - screen protect
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Resolve: when things go wrong, we help put them right


If your details are compromised, we give you an action plan

Easy to follow steps help you take back control of your data

Once done, you can return to enjoying life online