Monitors data that may have been compromised online

OwlDetect is a data monitoring tool that continuously scans the dark web and illegal websites to check if selected monitored data items are at risk. After data has been registered for monitoring, OwlDetect will run a scan against a database of compromised data. This has been collected since 2006 from a wide range of sources of unsecure and illegal data trading sites which is continuously updated.

The type of data to be monitored can be for businesses (such as business bank details and email addresses) or for consumers (such as their credit card details and passport number) if you’re a business partner wanting to give your customers the extra peace of mind that you’re looking after their data.

Monitors data that may have been compromised online


By scanning the internet and dark web 24/7, we monitor, detect and alert the user if any pre-registered information appears in the wrong place. If a match is found for any details registered, the user will get an alert to notify them either by email or SMS.


OwlDetect helps prevent data breaches by alerting the user as soon as the data is found in the wrong hands. This puts data protection in the hands of the owner.


If a user is alerted and data is found compromised online, they will receive an action plan with easy to follow steps to help take back control of the data before it becomes potentially a costly problem.

Fulfilment of OwlDetect is done completely digitally. Once OwlDetect is chosen for your business, just follow these next steps:

Enter the information that you would like to be monitored (we can do this for your business if volume is high)

Select the scan button and the initial scan for compromised data will be run

Receive an action plan should any compromised information be found

Enjoy ongoing monitoring and peace of mind knowing that the data is protected.

Is it right for you?
Weve identified some sectors below where we believe OwlDetect would be perfectly suited. If you cant see your sector below, give us a call, we love a bit of proposition development and we have the experts on hand to work with you.
Are you a Data Protection Officer?
If you are a DPO and worry about how you would manage reputational damage in the event of a data breach, talk to us about how OwlDetect can help you protect your customers and your reputation too.
Are you an insurance broker?
If youre a broker, OwlDetect is the perfect ancillary product for Cyber Insurance. An SME business faces the biggest risk when it comes to cyber threats help them to protect their data and their business.
Are you an insurer?
If youre a commercial insurer, OwlDetect again can help an SME protect their data and mitigate a potential cyber risk. If youre a personal lines insurer, why not add a new dimension to home insurance and offer more value for your clients as part of their policy?
Do you provide professional services?
If you are in the legal or professional services sector, you want to provide your clients with comprehensive guidance. OwlDetect provides that extra level of reassurance that youre protecting your clients data.
Are you a retailer?
Is a data breach high on your agenda? If not, it probably should be with reports hitting the media on a regular basis. Give your customers the assurance that you take their data protection seriously by giving them the ability to monitor their data.
Are you engaged in cyber security?
You can have this as an extra tool in your kit bag to help support your SME clients protect their business critical data.